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The Death Save the Strawberry: Preliminary Report!

Hello everyone! Mew here!

I’ve just received the copy of The Death Save the Strawberry and boy, “excited” won’t even do justice to what I felt.

Bdhgbjdgfjgafhgglarbharggghitsfinallyhereomgbestillmyinnerfangirlsheart is more like it.

Anyway, I’m here to show you guys some pictures of what’s inside the wonderful book. Without further adieu, here it is: the sneak peek of The Death Save the Strawberry!


It does come in a tolerable shade of purple. Thank goodness.

Poster of Rukia from the very first page of the novel:

Excuse the quality, guys. I don’t have any scanner and my camera’s older than my six-year-old cat *hangs head in shame*.



The next four pages are about the characters in the novel:

Basically, almost everyone who is someone is in.

Opening page:

First sketch of the novel:

LOL. Ishida!!

Not sure who this one is I’ve just read a little into the novel; apparently, her name’s Chiyo and she’s one of Rukia’s servants:


HER FACE. HER EYES. Is it only me or she looks as if she’s rather unsure of letting her hair go??

Next up is not a picture, but I find it hilarious nonetheless. I haven’t had the chance to check who said “Hirako-kun” with a heart on top but I’m guessing it’s Rangiku?

Yeah. That’s a heart right there.

Scene between Hinamori and Shinji:

I seriously have no idea what’s happening here, but the original page contains two different drawings, one of Orihime and one of Rukia:

Is that…sour apple that Orihime is eating?

Second picture on the page is of Rukia:


Sketch of Matsumoto and Hitsugaya:

That sfx beside Hitsugaya says “ira” which means “anger” XD

There’s a picture of Urahara, Soifon and Yoruichi too:

And lastly, the stab:


The next picture appears on the back cover:

I really, really love the thoughtfulness behind this image; 13th Division’s emblem with the caption “The Death” mixed with Ichigo’s first, nameless zanpakutou with the caption “and the Strawberry”, and with Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu with the caption “save the Strawberry” :’) :’) :’)

I have a small summary to be translated and I’ll be posting it in another post soon, so stay tuned!



Article by Mew
Pictures from The Death Save the Strawberry

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